The Poetry Book Society


The Poetry Book Society was founded by T S Eliot and friends in 1953. Today, it provides "information, guidance and discounts on the best contemporary poetry for a wide-ranging community of readers".

Members can  buy poetry books online at a 25% discount from the Poetry Bookshop Online, which aims to make available all 90,000 poetry books currently in print in the UK plus a wide range of CDs, including those from the Poetry Archive which offers one-hour recordings of over 130 poets reading their own work.

Every quarter Full members receive the PBS choice of the best new poetry . All members receive  a quarterly Bulletin, reviewing the PBS selectors' choices and including the featured poets' notes on their own work.

The PBS Poetry Portal offers reviews, recommendations, interviews and discussions on all things related to poetry. Its events database also provides details of poetry events in the UK and Ireland.















The Poetry Book Society is hoping to persuade more reading groups to try poetry by inviting them to tackle the short-listed books for the 2010 T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize.

Reading groups will be able to download selected poems from the PBS web site and order books at a discount if they wish to read further.

Individual readers can also sign up for a weekly email covering the work of the short-listed poets and keeping them up-to-date with news on the prize.




Exploring poetry

Poetry sites on the web:

BBC: Poetry Season


The BBC's poetry gateway - including the archive of Poetry Please.

In addition to a poetry database (searchable by subject as well as author and title), Poetry Please carries interviews, recordings, profiles, writing advice, and details of National Poetry Day and The Nation's Favourite Poet..The archive section draws on 50 years of poetry on the BBC and includes interviews with John Betjeman, Philip Larkin, W.H. Auden, Carol Ann Duffy and Seamus Heaney.

Photograph by Laurie  Miller. See more of Laurie’s work at www.oxfordshots.co.uk